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Audios from Abualrub/Wood/White Debates!
Jalal Abualrub’s Debates with David Wood and James White


Here are the Audios from the debates, free downloads

Jalal Abualrub
Validity of the Bible (3)
Validity of the Bible as an Authentic Source (3)
Pastoral Epistles: Titus; 1 Timothy; 2 Timothy
By Various Contributors to (

These three letters have been authored (most probably) by the same author. According to the late Catholic scholar, Father Raymond Brown, "80 to 90 percent of critical scholarship" regards them to be "pseudonymous" and places them "toward the end of the 1st century (Raymond E. Brown, An Introduction To The New Testament, 1997, Doubleday, p. 639). Briefly, “pseudonymous” are those writings which claim to have been authored by a particular person but which probably were not authored by the named individual................. Read More
Validity of the Bible (2)
Validity of the Bible as an Authentic Source (2)
By Various Contributors to (

John Barton [Oriel and Laing Professor of the Interpretation of Holy Scripture, University of Oxford, and Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford ] states:
The author of John's gospel is, as we have noted already, unlikely to have been an immediate disciple of Jesus, if only because so much of the material in the synoptic gospels is missing from John. The likelihood is therefore that all the historical books of the New Testament are not eyewitness accounts of the events described
...................................... Read More

Validity of the Bible
Validity of the Bible as an Authentic Source (1)
By Various Contributors to (

Jalal Abualrub wrote:
The Bible is a unique source to use and rely on, to say the least. This is a book that was compiled over the span of several thousand years written by dozens, possibly hundreds of anonymous authors of unknown trustworthiness who altered various parts of the book and edited it at will. The current Christian Bible comprises of two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Jews generally call the Old Testament the Torah, as they vehemently and bitterly reject the Christian addition to it known as the New Testament.
During my debate with James White, I challenged every reference he quoted as being disputed even by Christians themselves. The amazing response from him was to challenge that fact ............................................. Read More
To Fly or Not to Fly!
To Fly or Not to Fly
A Christian Question

by Jalal Abualrub (

During my debate with David Wood, he mentioned the Prophet's Hadeeth about the fly, where the Prophet ordered that if a fly falls in one’s pot of food or drink, to completely submerge the fly in the pot and then discard the fly, “Because one of its wings carries a cure and the other carries a disease.“ (Bukhari).

Christians dwell on this Hadeeth, not because they scientifically disproved it, but because science has not proved it yet. I told Mr. Wood that I and he are not scientists and referred him and the audience to my website where I had a few articles on the Hadeeth about the fly. Some of the audience laughed. I did not laugh. Had someone come before the age of dinosaur discoveries saying that in the past there were giant animals living on the earth, they would have laughed at him as well.
An interesting article
sent by Br. Bassam Zawadi: ( . Read this article and wonder why Muslim scientists have not taken the initiative to make this research instead of waiting until the Kuffar do it.
We complain to Allah that the people who have the truth are asleep and the people who are on utter misguidance are active calling to their false religion and paying effort to do so. Islam will win regardless of how weak and divided or strong and united Muslims are.

Jalal Abualrub

The new buzz on antibiotics

Tuesday, 1 October 2002

fly head
Ugly but useful: The sheep blowfly is one of the fly species that might provide humans with new antibiotics. (Pic: BioTrack.)

The surface of flies is the last place you would expect to find antibiotics, yet that is exactly where a team of Australian researchers is concentrating their efforts.............
Read More........

Sam Shamoun A Disgrae for Christians
Sam Shamoun, A Disgrace to Christians!


Inshaallah, Br. Sami Zaatari will debate Sam Shamoun soon. After that, I encourage all the Muslims who debate for Islam to boycott debating Sam Shamoun, until he changes his weird, evil, extra abusive behavior. Written rebuttals of the excessive ignorance this man shows in Islam and even in Christianity should continue, however. Shamoun is not a seeker of truth, he only has excessive hatred for Prophet Muhammad and there is no lie he cannot invent, no false claim he cannot make against Muhammad and Islam. His personal conduct and mannerism is worse than I have ever seen. There is no doubt Shamoun does not represent Christians, or even his sect, and there are numerous Christians who are drastically different from this evil man. His lies against Islam and the filthy words he uses against Prophet Muhammad are so outrageous that anyone with a hint of a mind would be able to recognize them as sheer lies. But, Christians and Jews who cannot read Arabic or have access to Islamic Resources will be deviated from the truth by the lies invented by the likes of Sam Shamoun and his mentor, Joken Katz, two enemies of Allah, enemies of Truth. I call upon all Muslim debaters to boycott these two and their likes until the time they learn how to act like human beings and stop basing their rejection of Islam on their hatred of it and the lies they invent against it. Islam will indeed be victorious in the end.
Jalal Abualrub
Inclusiveness or Exclusiveness!

Islam and Christianity Agree
No One Knows When the Last Hour Will Start, Except Allah
by Jalal Abualrub (

A. In the Quran, Allah stated that knowledge of the Last Hour is with Him, {Verily, Allâh, with Him (Alone) is the knowledge of the Hour, He sends down the rain, and knows that which is in the wombs. No person knows what he will earn tomorrow, and no person knows in what land he will die. Verily, Allâh is All‑Knower, All‑Aware (of things).} (31:34).

B. The Prophet Muhammad was asked about the Last Hour by Angel Jibreel (Gabriel), who came in the shape of a man to teach Muslims their religion, and the Prophet said that he who was being asked about it, Muhammad, has no more knowledge in it than he, Jibreel, who was asking about it (Bukhari and Muslim).

C. The Prophet Jesus was also asked when the Last Hour will start and he said he did not know when and that only Allah knows, “But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father” (Mark 13:32).

But the split between Islam and Christianity starts immediately when Christians start claiming that since Jesus is God then he, being a member of an exclusive Triune club, knows when the Last Hour will start.................. Read More...

Gospels Stand Disputed!
NewsChristian Scholars Dispute the Authenticity of Various Biblical Books

Here are some resources that dispute the authenticity of the NT references James White denied were disputed by Christian Scholars. The fact that Mr. White seems to distance himself from the KJV indicates that he knows that what he denied is contrary to his false denial. The KJV is the standard Bible that the vast majority of Christians believe is the Literal Word of God. The scholars who translated NT into the English KJV and the thousands of scholars since then who quoted this book approvingly, must all have deficient Greek than Mr. White's Greek. Only he knows the correct meaning of the Greek originals, none of which is actually original but a translation. We are supposed to ignore the dispute Christians always have had about their books and take what James White says as the New Improved Gospel (NIG). We are witnessing a new version of the Bible being cooked up by modern-day Evangelicals, a sect considered deviant by the vast majority of Christians......
Read More...............

Sam Shamoun: A Coward in the Crowd
Sam Shamoun
A Coward Hiding in a Crowd!

It seems that James White made lots of comments on my debate with him. I did not do the same, because I would like to leave this to the viewer and listener. It seems to me he is trying to justify his 'scholarly' performance by mocking my accent and syaing other mockery. He also said that I was quoting Shamoun, which I could not resist of course, because it is so funny and weird, when Shamoun was sitting 60 feet away from me. I never saw Shamoun before, a good thing to tell you the truth, and that coward was hiding far from my site any way in the midst of the crowd that attended the debate; he never introduced himself to me as the one who keeps promising my destruction. If these people think the Holy Ghost is dwelling within them, then why do they not have the courage to admit defeat or at least to simply introduce themselves to others, especially since they are carriers of the Holy Ghost? Well, they carry a ghost alright, but it is not holy or friendly. As for White mocking my accent, I am sure it is not as much as the Greek will be mocking his Greeker than Greek Greek which he displayed in front of an aduience that did not speak Greek, so they do not even know if his Greek is actually Greek or an attempt by one who never spoke Chinese or whose Chinese is anything but good Chinese to teach the Chinese his better than Chinese Chinese. Amen.
Jalal Abualrub
Shamoun's Unfriendly Ghost!

Poor Bible Still Being Edited by Christians Filled With the Holy Ghost

How Sam Shamoun Lies on the Holy Spirit

By Jalal Abualrub (

Sam Shamoun wrote:
We read in I John 2:22-23: ‘Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is Antichrist who denies the Father and the Son. Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either; he who acknowledges the Son has the Father also.’ Thus, to the Christians Allah cannot be the biblical God since the inspired New Testament record teaches that anyone denying the Father and Son as God is Antichrist.’

Trinity or Twinity

The Holy Ghost is Missing in 1 John 2:22-23

Jalal Abualrub wrote:
We read in, within, back, front and out of 1 John 2:22-23 and we find nothing of the sort of what Shamoun claims. Christians often claim that they are filled with the Holy Spirit. If this is true, their Holy Spirit must be rather confused, since he seems to reinvent himself and edit and reedit his own eternally inspired holy words. Or better and the truth, it is Shamoun who is rather confused, since he thinks he is filled with the Holy Spirit when in fact he is filled with this................. Read More...

News on the Debates

James White Posted Parts of the Debate

Christians say that the Holy Spirit is within them (Since James White denied he said during the debate that the Holy Ghost is within him, I corrected myself hoping that he will not deny that the Holy Ghost is within him). I challenge James White to post the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, not only segments that make him look good as well as mockery of my accent as he did. The Holy Spirit is about Truth, let us not disappont him, especially since the Holy Spirit is not within any human. I will post the entire debates for free, whole and entire!

All thanks are due to Allah. Yesterday, I debated David Wood on,
Is Muhammad a Prophet, and then James White on, Does the Bible Teach that Jesus is God. The total debate time was around 5 hours, the crowed, in my estimate, around 400, around 75 of them Muslim. I am not going to boast anything about the debates and instead will leave it to the viewers to assess the debates and decide who did how well.

Here are my entire notes I have prepared for the debates (; I did not get to explain them all in the debates, so the reader can benefit from my entire notes and be aware of my arguments. In ten days starting from this Monday, I will Inshaallah post a list of many of those who disputed just about every Biblical reference James White used during the debate; I promised him this. Hopefully he will bring his list of those who support the autenticity of those references; he did not promise to do that. If he does that, though, it would prove that just about every reference he used has been disputed by Christian scholars with regards to their authenticity: Just having these two lists is proof enough. Also, I will post my Encyclopedia references that Mr. White claimed I got from the Internet, which is not true. So, I will post one by one the images of the pages I used. In a few days Inshaallah you will see the videos posted on this and other websites: These are for free! Please, make them known to others, post them, distribute them, and do not edit any part of them in any way or form, except for truthful translations to other languages. I own rights to these videos which we recorded using a TV camera. This was my first debate. The only other debate I had was a 12 minute radio debate with Craig Winn. Next time, the topics will not be as general and Inshaallah I will have a bigger say on the topic and format. Allah is always thanked for His Favors; He is One in One, the Only One there is.

Jalal Abualrub

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